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Some touristy places are equine havens. So, put on your boots and saddle up!

Ocala, Florida

The ultimate travel destination for every horse lover, Ocala is paradise on earth. When driving through the city, it doesn’t take long to realise why it is known as “the horse capital of the world”. It is home to over 600 thoroughbred farms that has produced more than 5,000 thoroughbred horses, 45 national champions, six Kentucky Derby winners, six Horses of the Year, and two Triple Crown winners (1978 and 2015). The history of this place dates back to WWII. In 1943, Carl G Rose established the area’s first thoroughbred farm, the Rosemere Farm. He built his farm in the Marion county, owning to a high concentration of limestone in the soil, an ingredient attributing to fast and healthy racehorses. Later, other breeders started establishing their farms here. The mild climate of Ocala is ideal for training foals year-round. The limestone-rich soil provides calcium to foals. Equestrian events happen throughout the year here.


Cappadocia, Turkey

With mesmerising sunsets and panoramic view of hot air balloons, Cappadocia offers unique experiences for tourists. In the ancient times, Cappadocia was famous for its equine offerings, so much that it derived its name from the word “katpaktukya”, which in Persian means “land of beautiful horses”. Even today, horses are significant for locals, and they use them as an alternative for transportation of tourists. Tourists visiting the region can explore the place on horseback and lodging in tents under starry skies. The horses employed for tours are retried Arabian horses, from various racetracks from all over Turkey.


Ibiza, Spain

The party capital of the world, Ibiza is home to a hidden gem, the Horse Valley. Nestled in a stunning valley forest, the Ibiza Horse Valley is a beautiful sanctuary for abandoned horses. The valley aims to provide rescued horses a second chance, and to roam around freely in the sanctuary. Visitors can go horse riding in the forest. Trips start before sunrise and end at the mountain-top. It is an unforgettable experience, discovering the north of Ibiza and riding through the lush green valley forest on a horseback.