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The Trials of Polo Umpiring

25th July 2018

Turning a Critical Gaze at Polo Umpiring

The story of Umpiring in polo is as quaint as the game itself and has undergone rigorous alterations over the years to keep polo’s fascination alive for its players and spectators alike. LAPOLO provides a sprawling view of this staggeringly distinct institution with its multiple challenges and the vicissitudes of its growth over time.

It is a story that narrates the struggle of polo umpires to gain legitimacy from the universally abhorred and vilified perception of umpires in the past to the positive reception of umpiring as an indispensable part of the game.

Unearthing many tales of the legendary confrontation between players and umpires, assessing the difficulties involved in realising impeccable umpiring results, and pondering upon the contemporary growth and status of Polo Umpiring, this feature becomes an indispensable read for all polo lovers irrespective of their different association to the game.

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