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7 march | 2018

LA POLO pays tribute to Sunset Sunny for the legacy she has left behind inspiring women to flourish in the game of Polo.

It was a sad day in the history of Polo, loss of Sunny Hale has saddened the Polo world; a polo legend, Sunny was considered the best female polo player of all times. LA POLO pays tribute to Sunset Sunny for the legacy she has left behind inspiring women to flourish in the game of Polo.
The news of her death sent a sudden wave of dejection over the international polo community. Sunset "Sunny" Hale, the main lady in polo history to win the US Open in a time when the game was to a great extent male-dominated. She died 26th Feb 2017 in Oklahoma. She was 48. She was the daughter of Sue Sally Hale, a trailblazer in female polo in the 1950s and 60s, and both Sunny and her sister Stormie inherited their mother’s love for the sport and for horses.
The polo pioneer, cherished and adored in equal measure, passes away because of complications from cancer. Sunny was one of the most beloved person in polo world, an inspiration to youthful men and women around the world who are looking to begin their polo careers. Her passion for polo and horses was unique.
She wrote the best seller "Let's talk about ponies", a series of books sharing advice from the best polo players and breeders around the world, where Sunny successfully put across her energy, optimism and love of the sport.
Hale made a heritage that will be recalled for quite some time. She was broadly viewed as the world's most noteworthy ladies' polo player and she established the Women's Championship Tournament (WCT) that opened the entryway and separated hindrances for ladies to seek after their energy. She helped revive the US Women's Open in 2011, and today ladies' polo is the fastest developing part in polo around the globe.
In 2000, Hale, an individual from the Outback team, was the main lady to have won the 26-goal US Open. She was accomplished on a 5-goals handicap rating, the most highest handicap a lady has ever gotten among male players.
In 2012, Sunny Hale earned Woman Polo Player of the Year an exceptional seven times and was also drafted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. She was additionally included in Sports Illustrated, the New York Times and ESPN. She has inspired players everywhere throughout the world and will keep on doing so for the future generations. What's so unique is that she shared her enthusiasm and achievements having any kind of effect to the greater part of our lives."