Tyiyn Enmei- Grab the Coin


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Tyiyn Enmei- Grab the Coin

The National Horse Games Festival of Kyrgyz which is all about horsemanship

The National Horse Games Festival, organized by the CBT (Community Based Tourism) to develop and promote the travel industry in the Kyrgyz region is a vibrant show, celebrating the brilliant elements of the Kyrgyz culture diving into the customary Kyrgyz way of life. Equestrian games are extremely well known, racing and wrestling riding a horse are particularly cherished. The fests are an opportunity to assess the exhibitions of the best music, heritage and furthermore attempt the scrumptious Kyrgyz national dishes.

Tyiyn Engmei is another horse game played by only men to showcase their horse riding skills. Tyiyn is a unit of currency equivalent to 1/100th of a som, the national currency of the Kyrgyz Republic. Tyiyn Enmei signifies "Grab the Coin". There are few coins laid on the ground and a young lad needs to snatch them while galloping on a horse in a full speed. This game trained the young men of the region to be strong horse men keeping good balance and create flexibility which was one of the most significant abilities utilized during the wars and was thus played extensively in historic times. The celebration also features the accompanying customary horse games: ulak-tartysh, kyz kuumai, oodarysh, and others. Also, the local women business visionaries exhibit their handmade cultural goods and accessories.