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UAE Polo Defeat Habtoor Polo In An Exciting Julius Baer Cup Final

9th March 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Refuting a comeback in the later stages of the game, UAE turned down the challenge put forth by Habtoor in a thrilling contest and clinch the title

UAE Polo and Habtoor Polo, both the teams battled it out in the opening chukker of the game but UAE came out marginally successful with the score 3-2 in their favor.

They were able to assert exponentially better control over the match proceedings in the subsequent chukker as they doubled their opposition’s scores by 6-3, thanks to valiant efforts by Tomas Panelo, going into the third where they extended their lead by another 2 goals.

With Facundo Sola threatening to close up on the leaders throughout the game, Habtoor mounted a comeback in the final two chukkers of the game. Habtoor held off UAE’s dominant charge, limiting them to only a single goal in the fourth chukker while Facundo Sola and Tommy Beresford converted a combined three goals off their own.

The last chukker saw Habtoor come out in an aggressive fashion, aiming to finish off what they started in the last chukker. However, they fell just short of equalizing the score as UAE bettered their 9-6 lead by a single goal and restricting the raging Facundo Sola to 2 goals, making the score 10-8 at the final whistle.

However, Sola’s performance was nothing short of an exceptional display of Polo as he single-handedly brought the heat to the opposition and scored 6 times while doing so and ended up becoming the top scorer of the match.