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The Ultimate Guide To Level Up Your Styling Game

9th October 2018 | Scottsdale,USA

Dear Men, your image matters! Internally as well as externally.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t deny the fact that the external image you put forward is the first thing about you that the world notice.Do you know that it takes only five seconds to make an impression on someone? And once an impression is made, it can be hard to change it. This makes it all the more important to level up your game every time you step out and sometimes you require a little help to master it. Well, it’s good if you just thought of consulting the most stylish friend of your group for some men fashion advice but then there will be times when this will not be enough. That’s when dear men, you need an Image consultant. LA POLO brings to you an exclusive interaction with celebrated image consultant and men stylist, Patrick Kenger, the main mind behind US based brand, PIVOT Image Consulting.

When asked Patrick the most basic and common quest men have in their mind - ‘Why is maintaining the overall image important?’, Patrick said, “ It's very important for a man to maintain his overall image the majority of the time. This doesn't mean dressing up and this is where a lot of men get "style" wrong. Dressing better doesn't equal dressing up. if you're a casual guy and you have no need to wear a suit, you shouldn't wear one. You should look the best you can within your personal style and in-group. But for every item of clothing you own, it should do something for you. Your clothing should make you look good. If you can just nail the fit and the color of each item, you'll be miles ahead of most men.”

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Though styling is majorly a collaboration of trend and dressing sense, it may also work on other specific factors like - occasion, personality, profession, age etc. Dressing as per occasion is always fun. But there are certain occasions that can leave you both excited and terrified at the same time. Yes! We are talking about formal events like black tie events and white tie events. When styling for the same, there are certain factors that need to kept in mind so as to minimise the chances of carrying the wrong attire. “I see too many men try to get "creative" when dressing for black tie events. Keep it simple.

Are you going to look silly in pictures 10 years from now? Not if you stick to classics. Let the fit and quality speak for themselves. A black or midnight blue tuxedo works well. And yes, it has to be a tuxedo gents. A shawl lapel with a single button closure on the jacket, paired with a pleated white shirt with french cuffs is a timeless look,” says Patrick. When asked a similar question as to what kind of combinations would act as a savior in white tie events, stylist Patrick suggested, “White tie events are the most formal, but they are very rare these days. They are usually reserved for royal functions. Wear a black tailcoat, a white bowtie and low-cut waistcoat, patent leather shoes, and trousers with a stripe along the side. Skip the top hat. Whatever you do, never wear a necktie for either a black tie or white tie event.”

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Another point that affects the way overall image and look of a person is his personality and age. We asked Patrick to tell us about certain combinations that would work perfectly for - a young adult, a man who is a father of two and a business tycoon in his late 40’s on which he replied, “ Color combinations should always be tailored to the individual. Age plays very little into what colors work well for you. Although a younger man can usually get away with brighter, bolder patterns and designs. This looks a bit extreme on older men and can be off putting. The easiest things any man can do is build a foundation of staple colors like gray and navy that pair well with lots of other colors and that look pretty good on most guys. After that, figure out if cooler colors or warmer colors look better on you. There are plenty of ways to do this, but hold up a handful of colors next to your face and see which ones work best. The colors should help to bring a glow to your face, bring out your eyes, and work well with your natural coloring.”

Patrick Kenger is a known name in the world of image consulting and men styling.He started image consulting around three years ago and what drove him in was his passion men's style and grooming. He says it all started with the magazines he read in high school. For him, it was a great way to stand out and associate with the people he wanted to be associated with. His keen interest in styling and education in communication gave him the idea of PIVOT,an image consulting and men styling brand. He believes that PIVOT is a way to help cut the confusion men have in their mind due to vast available options and provide what works best for them. Moreover, PIVOT also enlightens people about themselves and their personal style.

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