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Unaffordable Property of Bill Gates

LA POLO is back with the weekly objects of desire. Here is the list of the same.

Objects of desire, as the title itself suggests, point out the things that humans desire the most. In most of the cases, these objects are way too luxurious or expensive because of which they are out of reach and therefore are only desired of. Most of the individuals are hardly satisfied with what the have and therefore, they always want more. Many a time, we buy things that we do not need as such but since they are trendy and others possess them, we want them. When we purchase them, they give us a temporary sense of satisfaction and happiness and relief. We are going to be discussing a few such things that are most likely unattainable for most and are desired the maximum.

Sennheiser HE I Headphones have been billed as the most expensive headphones in the world and hence called an unaffordable luxury.

Property of Bill Gates

These headphones came up after the highly ultra super-tech Orpheus model. The formation of these earphones took nearly a decade to form up. After immense amount of testing and research, these headphones came up. They ensured the best and the finest sound quality possible. These headphones were in Sennheiser’s German headquarter. These headphones also consist of a high voltage amplifier which is located in the ear cups. There is also an external amplifier which is located on a glass and marble housing to prevent any structure-borne noise and ensures only 0.01% sound distortion level. These headphones are available in india at the price of Rs. 45 lakh. It is said to combine the super impulse processing which relates to a tube amplifier with very low distortion of a transistor amplifier. This is what gives it perfection. There are 8 vacuum tubes that catch hold of any signal that reaches the headphones. The tube amplifiers have a very intricate and superior impulse processing system. One of the challenges to this, however, is its sensitivity to airborne sounds. To avoid this, the amplifier housing is created with the use of granular particles that are available in the homogeneous form of Carrara marble. This is freely suspended within the amplifier which provides better and very high quality. The decoupling of the various tubes along with the damping properties that are available in the marble have the ability to reduce any structure-borne noise to the absolute minimum. After the tube amplifier stage comes up a stage called the ultra-high impulse amplifier stage which is patented. This is fully integrated within the cups of the headphones, providing a dreamy experience to the listeners.

These are the reasons why these headphones are the most expensive ones in the world and affordable by only a few.


White desert is a luxurious adventure company that goes up to Antarctica. It has launched a private jet service that goes up to the remote continent of Antarctica .

Property of Bill Gates

The trip starts from Cape Town, South Africa. This service is super exclusive and can carry 12 people at a time. It has attracted some of the most high profile guests who are capable of affording this trip. These guests include Bear Grylls, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Prince Harry.

On every trip, there is a Gulfstream jet that flies with 12 guests all the way to 2400 miles over the Southern Ocean. It lands on a bright blue colored ice runway where the sun shines for a continuous 24 hours. This trip is considered to be perfect for those people who are thrill seekers and who want to travel the globe in complete luxury.

It offers a total of four packages for the guests to choose from. The first one is the ‘Emperors and South Pole’. This trip lasts for a duration of 8 days and it begins from the Whichaway Camp.

Property of Bill Gates

The guests then visit an Emperor Penguin colony where they can find around 6000 cute penguins. If luck permits, they can also find some adorable newly hatched little ones. They also pay a visit to the American science station which is located in the south pole. The prices for the trip are $78,000 per person. As visible, this is unaffordable for many.

There is also a 4 day ‘Ice and Mountains’ adventure trip charging $32,000 per person.

The most expensive trip is the “Greatest Day Package’ which is a one day trip to Antarctica and costs $195,000 per person The final package that is available is a one day trip by NASA Astronaut Terry Virts. It includes a screening based on Antarctica. This screening is on one of his IMAX movies, called ‘A Beautiful Planet’. Throughout the film, it is seen that Virts narrates some iconic and brilliant tales regarding his time as the International Space Station commander. This adventurous trip costs $89,900 per person.

Bill Gates, who is the co-founder of Microsoft and is also the second richest man on the planet, took up a time period of 7 years to create and custom build his mansion called Xanadu 2.0. The value of this mansion is around $125.5 million.

Property of Bill Gates

Such a house is pure unaffordable luxury for most of us. It is modern and rustic at the same time. It is an extremely high tech estate. It is said to have a Pacific lodge design along with several classical features. The designers of the house were Bohlin Cywinski and Cutler-Anderson, architects belonging to the Bainbridge Island in Washington. According to various magazines that published information regarding this house, Bill Gates purchased the land on which this house stands in the year 1998. He purchased it for $14 million. The area of the land extends to around 66,000 square feet. It is also called a smart complex. This house is built on the side of a hill and provides a picturesque view over Lake Washington. There are electronic pins worn by the residents and visitors. These pins trigger the personal preferences of them all. These preferences include the lighting of the room, the temperature or even as specific as the art that will appear on the monitors that are high definition and are laid throughout the property. Not just this, the house also consists of a pool building which spreads across 3900 square foot, a gym that spreads around 2500 square foot , reception hall spread across 2300 square foot, a library with a dome ceiling which is spread around 2100 square foot, an underground garage that is spread across an area of around 6300 square foot and many more. It also consists of a huge dining room, driveways and heated floors. It has a 60 foot swimming pool along with an underwater music system.