The All Star Challenge is a combined effort of various team owners to start the 26- goal tournaments in the US.

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The United States’ first 26- Goal Tournament begins

7th Feb 2019 | Wellington, Florida

The All Star Challenge shows great promise as the most elite players from around the world come to participate.

Since its announcement back in 2018, the World Polo League was successful enough to create a buzz around its US based 26- Goal Tournament ”All Star Challenge” in the polo community worldwide. The Inaugural All Star Challenge is scheduled to begin today. With its inception, it became one of the four high goal tournaments and the first to be played this season. The WPL held its draft and draw cocktail party on Tuesday in front of a packed house at Valiente Polo Farm.

The All Star Challenge is the first 26 goal polo tournament in the US, fulfilling the need of more cream Polo contests there.

The league offers major prize money, which is guaranteed to teams getting through to the semi-finals. This caught the attention of many high level international players and an all- Star line up of top tier polo players from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay and U.S are participating in the much anticipated tournament.

The tournament is divided into 2 Brackets, A and B

The tournament starts today with 2 matches. The teams in their respective brackets with their compositions are mentioned below:

Bracket A:-

Scone Casa Blanca Colorado Flexjets
David Paradise 0 Grant Ganzi +2 Robert Jornayvaz +2 Melissa Ganzi 0
Guillermo Terrera +8 Juancito Bollini +4 Juan martin Zubia +7 Pablo Spinacci +6
Alejandro Taranco +8 Adolfo Cambiaso +10 Rodrigo Andrade +9 Diego Cavanagh +9
Juan Martin Nero +10 Alfredo Bigatti +6 Jero del Carril +7 Alejandro Novillo Astrada +8

Bracket B:-

Audi Valiente Cria Yatay Patagones
Marc Ganzi +2 Santi Torres +6 Nacho Figueras +6 Gonzalo Avendano +2
Nic Roldan +8 Agustin Nero +6 Juan Cruz Merlos +6 Santi Wulff +5
Pelon Sterling +10 Pabblo MacDonough +10 Pite Merlos +8 Santiago Toccalino +8
Kris Kampsen +6 Bob Jornayvaz +2 Tommy Biddle +6 Tomas Garcia Del Rio +8

The WPL is an independent organization and has its own set of simpler fan-friendly rules to enhance the quality of the play. The league was co-founded by Grand Champions owners Melissa and Marc Ganzi and Valiente Polo Farm owner Bob Jornayvaz in 2018 as an alternate to the USPA.

Scone vs Flexjet
Casa Blanca vs Colorado

Cria Yatay vs Patagones

Valiente vs Audi