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22 July 2017

Men and Women settle for the kind of jewel which reflects a hidden desire in the gems and is known only to the owner and the beholder.

Art of secrecy in the world of jewelry is to indulge in the best craftsmanship. Men and Women settle for the kind of jewel which reflects a hidden desire in the gems and is known only to the owner and the beholder.

For many centuries jewelry has been a source of curiosity, allowing a lot of technical fantasies, astounding miniaturization of objects for variation in designs, handcrafted by the jewelers with pleasure and amazement. It takes a long time to discover a remarkable collection.

A house that communicates little, treasuring ingenuity, precision and patience now deciphers unexpected metamorphoses by unveiling its new collection for the first time in Paris Fashion Week. Embossed with Rebus and retractable elements, transformation of these jewels has made this set of more than 65 pieces into a collection that will eventually assemble 110 pieces .

Redoubling its creativity to stage, the theme for the collection is ‘The Secret’. Drawing inspiration from nature, love or luck, the designer has created more than a thousand pieces that glide you in an enchanting garden, where the visible side meets the invisible.

Gold and diamonds embossed like facetious son of Venus set an enchanted tone of the collection of Haute Joaillerie, dictating a secret in many forms. Inscribed in ancestral tradition of double jewelery, it reinvents these personal talismans that conceal a memory, a treasure, a surprise that one never tires to discover itself finding its meaning.

The collection includes some masterpieces like:

The secret clip of lovers lovers

A clip representing the Love god of the roman mythology, Cupid entreating the viewer by making secret gestures. Surrounded by traditional attributes, perched on a rubellite heart-shaped rose purple, is intended to create love for men and women, the twisted gold wire arch retains an opulent garland of pink and purple sapphires, while the arrows are punctuated with diamonds pear and baguette, deployed to stage love and its mysteries.

The mysterious dove clip dove clip

A clip with a figure of the bird showcasing vibrant tribute to love carrying a folded ruby in Serti Mysterious Traditional, in a graceful flight is an art in itself. Once the piece is turned over, a rose and a ribbon of pink gold are engraved with the message "L'Amour". Set with an emerald on each side to represent the eyes, the dove incarnates the double reading of this collection, to the confines of the art of the secret and Haute Joaillerie.

Blue flower ring Blue-flower-ring

Mid-flower half-poem, this ring reveals the message to one who knows how to guess its mechanism. The piece is distinguished by a huge Burmese sapphire with a quarter turn to lift the upper part and reveal itself. Recreating a luminous image, a mosaic of emeralds, tourmalines and surrounded by diamonds of different sizes comes into dialogue with the center stone,there is a essence of rich and intense blue characteristic of the sapphires of Burma.

Butterfly Petal Clip Butterfly-Petal-Clip

The Butterfly Petal clip is a new flower in the wonderful garden of Van Cleef & Arpels. It is like the heart of a corolla, a butterfly nestling, the nuances of which blend with those of the flower,an unsuspected mechanism, petals lowers to release the precious animal which can then be carried alone, in clip. Curving up to reinforces the effect of natural movement, while pear-shaped diamond at the side completes the end of the stem, testifying to the careful details of the House.
Van Cleef & Arpels,has made mystery as one of his most famous signatures with this theme lending itself to the exploration of being ultimately inventive.