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What Not To Do When You Are Drunk?

If alcohol is what you enjoy the most and consider it as your best friend, then here are a few things you must always keep in mind.

The times spent drinking and what happens after is always that part of the story which is preferably left unsaid. Well, these are also those parts of the stories that are almost always forgotten. Alcohol is not just a drink, it’s that friend that keeps the spirit high and secrets entact. But whatever it may be, it is also important to know what’s right when you are in high spirits with your best friend. In conversation with LA POLO, Dr. Hassanein, the founder of the Southern California Liver Center. In a quick encounter, LA POLO discovered how Dr. Hassanein made a difference with his work and his theories for the intake of alcohol. Where on one end he does not claim that the intake of alcohol is wrong or dangerous; he clearly defines as to what are the major steps that should be kept in mind before amalgamating them with your drinks.

The conversation of LA POLO with Dr. Hassanien came out to be starkly different because of his academia community surroundings, and his unparalleled experience.

Dr. Hassanien
Image caption: Dr. Hassanien

During his insight to us, he elaborated on the following things that should be kept in mind before you go on for intaking alcohol. Here’s what not to do when you are drunk:

1.Savor your meal: Make sure that you are not drinking on an empty stomach, and also ensure that you are eating meals that are high in things like carbs, that are soluble for drinking alcohol

2.Enjoy your beverage: Sip your drink, and do not drink in excess quickly to get a better buzz

3.Avoid Binging: Binge drinking is 5 or more drinks in less than 4-5 hours

4.Keep your number of drinks as low as possible: Don’t consume more than 3 drinks for a man, and 2 for a woman

5.Know your alcohol: One beer is equivalent to a glass of wine, or a shot of liquor

6.Find a driver: Don’t drive after drinking. It is hard to judge your BAC level and its effects on your cognitive ability and reflexes

7.Take your meds: If you are a diabetic or hypertensive, suffering from a heart or liver condition, take your daily meds and check with your doctor to avoid alcohol interactions with meds

8.Avoid overdoing pain meds: If you are going to use Tylenol, don’t exceed more than 3 grams in one day. Be aware that a lot of headache medicines or painkillers contain acetaminophen (Tylenol), so avoid accidental overdosing.

9.Don’t mix: Avoid mixing alcohol with other recreational drugs.

10.Space your beverages out: Allow your body the ability to metabolize what you ingested and avoid intoxication.

Dr. Hassanein outlined these tips with a belief of preventative medicine – these tips will force a person to get into the mindset of not only understand and thinking about what is in their bodies, but actually going the step further to prevent the bad from getting in, leading to a happier, simpler, and better life. It’s all about holding up your toast and enjoying it fine!