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Yoga- Fun With Horses - M Newsletter 87

The 87th edition of LA POLO's newsletter talks about Yoga and its fun

The 87th edition of LA POLO's newsletter at large talks of Yoga and its importance in not just the lives of us humans but also our loyal friends' Horses. The newsletter puts light on yoga with horses, yoga for the horses, and yoga performed on the horseback. It not only provides a continuous flow of exercise and fitness but also adds to the sense of connection, trust and flexibility of the horses themselves. Yoga is a form of meditation that seeks to relax the body while providing proper health. The newsletter also has a section that talks with a dedication about 19 other ways of performing yoga that a package of excitement and fun. From beer yoga to goat yoga, the list has it all. Other than this, the newsletter covers at large about the Cartier Queen's Cup, along with other tournaments of polo. Coming to the realm of equine, the newsletter has a detailed interview of horse practitioner, Dr. Anil Lahane. The opulence section of the newsletter covers the origin of the peplums and talks vividly of the Feadship superyacht, along with other interesting topics


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Yaga in harmony with horses