Global Stars On Indian Turf
Polo, as the modern world has perceived it, is the form of the sport that decades ago was adopted from the land of Manipur, an eastern state in India which still holds in its heart the oldest living Polo ground in the world. Coming from Manipur, the sport had the world on the Indian Turf where the tales of the record breaking competitions and friendships were settled and still remain. Recalling the precious memories of the past and combining it with the present, LA POLO brings a keepers book who would cherish the spirit of Polo. The latest edition of LA POLO has the best of celebrations inked.

Why Four Is Good?
The number four as it struck a chord of your mind, always projects a complete figure; the one enclosed in itself. Elaborating on this, LA POLO with its fourth edition completes the four phases of the world of Polo and Beyond. Starting from celebrating the Indian players to coming back with the Global stars on Indian Turf, LA POLO completes a cube walk of celebrating the land that gifted modern polo to the world.

First Edition

It all started with the idea to bring back the forgotten glory of the ‘Game of Kings’. Year 2017, brought the biggest movement right from the land where the game of Polo originated. LA POLO launched the ‘Spring Edition’ and rejuvenated the game of horses and mallets just like the season of spring that induces a new life to everything.

Second Edition

then we came up with our ‘Autumn Edition’ with the motivate to celebrate - end initiates beginnings! Focusing on the 21st century legacy maintainers, we roistered about the Indian Polo team, who cherish the game with the enthusiasm and proud, keeping the head of our ancestors always high!

Third Edition

And this time, we decide to spread the ‘ love polo’ ideology of LA POLO worldwide! With our third edition, we are going International! Unfolding the never seen before aspects of Polo, we outreached our boundaries, talking about the culture of the country where polo is worshipped while keeping ourselves known about the sport’s appreciation, around the globe. Three together is: thrilling, tantalizing, total. Subscribe to our first three editions and know the unknown polo history.

Fourth Edition

LA POLO understands and thrives on the fact that India has given modern Polo to the world. Unbinding those stories from the past and bringing the ones of the present, we unfold the global stars on the Indian turf. Grab the latest copy of LA POLO to let the tales open up in front of your eyes..

La Polo